Fall Juried Exhibit 2015 Winners

Here is the list of the winners of the 2015 MAA Fall Juried Art Exhibit!
 Juror: Lindsey Dunnagan

To purchase these or any of the other pieces in this exhibit, please contact show chairperson, Leslie Slaughter.   20% of purchase prices goes to supporting the Midland Art Association. Click here to email her

See images of Best of Show and First Place winners here

Best in Show: Brad King “Repent”

Category: Oil

1.Debbie Hedrick “Rain on Horizon”
2. Leilani Pinard “Renaissance Woman”
3.Andrea Medlin “Where I Get Off”
Honorable Mention– Perry Edwards “Self Portrait”

Category: Printmaking

  1. Courtney Johnson “Zebra Goddess”
  2. Scott Lunson “Quantum Parker Stumbles Upon Tesla’s Lab”
  3. Jane Becker “The Water is Fine”
  4. Honorable Mention– Mario Kiran “Relief Book II”

Category: Watercolor

1.Diane Browne “The Merchandiser”
2. Janet Haney “Tree in Landscape”
3. Sue Anne Campbell “Fabric by the Yard”
Honorable Mention– Ricky Chou “Koi””

Category: Drawing

1.Nancy Hart “La Specola (Florence)”
2. Melissa James “untitled”
3. Sarah January “Falling Rocket:Homage”
Honorable Mention—Nancy Mabry “She Sees Him”

Category: Acrylic

1.Nick Bascus “Looking Beyond”
2.Scott Lunson “The Astral Body Leaves the Ether Body”
3.Christina Valenzuela “Home Sweet Home”
Honorable Mention—Herzog/Roberson “Corazon”

Category: Photography

  1. Randy Hall “Wall with Paper”
  2. Doug Avery “Ghost Ranch”
  3. Sandra Elliott “13th Century Coxwell Barn”
    Honorable Mention– Linda Avery “Pied Piper”

Category: Three Dimensional

  1. Brett McElmurry “Merbabay King”
  2. Steve Apodaca “Slight Blue”
  3. Paige Gates “Rattle on a Block with Holy Rocks”
    Honorable Mention— Joann Youngblood “Juan”

Category: Mixed Media

  1. Sara Drescher Braswell “Away”
  2. Brad King “I’m Innocent”
  3. Kayla Barker “Shadows”
    Honorable Mention–”Elliot Lunson “Father & Daughter the Anxiety”