2014 Fall Exhibition Winners

Winners for the 2014 Fall Exhibition at the Midland College McCormick Fine Art Gallery
1 Best of Show - Janet Haney _Koi_

Best Of Show-Janet Haney

2 Photography 1st Place - Randy Hall _Scales of the Dragon_

First Place-Photography-Randy Hall

3 Photography 2nd Place - Bob Newland _Mojave Desert Rock Formation_

Second Place-Photography-Bob Newland

4 Photography 3rd Place - Jake Weigel _Mirage_

Third Place-Photography-Jake Wiegel

5 Photography Honorable Mention - Wayne Stratton _Cibolo Creek_

Honorable Mention-Photography-Wayne Stratton

6 Painting 1st Place - Daniel Jared Sorensen _Cleaning Supplies_

First Place-Painting-Daniel Jared Sorensen

7 Painting 2nd Place - Kay Smith _No Fly Zone_

Second Place-Painting-Kay Smith

8 Painting 3rd Place - Brad King _Adherent_

Third Place-Painting-Brad King

9 Painting Honorable Mention - Kay Smith _The King_

Honorable Mention-Painting-Kay Smith

10 Drawing 1st Place - Nick Bascus _Strength Through Pain_

First Place-Drawing-Nick Bascus

11 Drawing 2nd Place - Mary Beth Barton _India_

Second Place-Drawing-Mary Beth Barton

12 Drawing 3rd Place - Sarah January _Happiness_

Third Place-Drawing-Sarah January

13 Drawing Honorable Mention - Reba Bailey _Secluded_

Honorable Mention-Drawing-Reba Bailey

14 3-D 1st Place - Jesse Trejo _Cinco Teapot_

First Place-3D-Jesse Trejo

15 3-D 2nd Place - Mary Kaylyn Miller _Respect_

Second Place-3D-Mary Kaylyn Miller

16 3-D 3rd Place - Sunny Marler _Ammonite Study B_

Third Place-3D-Sunny  Marler

17 3-D Honorable Mention - Jake Weigel _Reliquary for a Negative Space_

Honorable Mention-3D-Jake Weigel

18 Mixed Media 1st Place - Sara Drescher Braswell _Value_

First Place-Mixed Media-Sara Drescher Braswell

19 Mixed Media 2nd Place - Kayla Barker _A Fresh Start_

Second Place-Mixed Media-Kayla Barker

20 Mixed Media 3rd Place - Sharon Navage _Winter's Choice_

Third Place-Mixed Media-Sharon Navage

21 Mixed Media Honorable Mention - Deborah Altany _Still Life on a Beach Towel_

Honorable Mention-Mixed Media-Deborah Altany

22 Printmaking 1st Place - Andrea Valencia _Coming to Term With Reality_

First Place-Print Making-Andrea Valencia

23 Printmaking 2nd Place - Mario Kiran _Puppet Show_

Second Place-Print Making-Mario Kiran

24 Printmaking 3rd Place - Sharon Navage _Head Held High_

Third Place-Print Making-Sharon Navage

25 Printmaking Honorable Mention - Chase Gilbert _Moon Fish_

Honorable Mention-Print Making-Chase Gilbert